Landscape Architecture
Whether you are looking for a site plan designed for a multi-acre development or a site plan for your new home, Plan-It Green Landscapes understands the form and function of each property.  We provide a no-obligation consultation addressing various landscape design options for your property.  A design fee is quoted on site and upon acceptance, we will begin a site changing design that can include features like patios, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, pergolas, decks, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, new planting, and re-grading.

Landscape Installation

We offer a full plant installation service.  With our knowledge of plants we know the details each plant needs when being installed.   We take extra time to make sure that every aspect of the design is carried out in the installation process.

Plant Selection and Design
As we design planting plans for each individual project, we make sure that we choose the perfect plant for each desired location.  After assessing soil composition, moisture content, and sunlight exposure, we will recommend hardy, aesthetically pleasing plants that are ideal for your property.  Plan-It Green Landscapes encourages the use of native plants, so that the plant ecology of your area is stimulated by your new landscape. 

Patios and Walkways
We specialize in natural flagstone patios and walkways.  We install paver patios, as well.
 Pavers reduced the amount of stormwater runoff, as pavers are more permeable than other paving options like concrete and asphalt.  Plan-It Green Landscapes will install any style or size of paver depending on your preference.  We use Belgard's collection of manufactured stone.  We offer a 5 year warranty on our hardscapes.

Retaining Walls
Our hardscape division can construct both large and small scale retaining walls depending on the contour of your property.  Plan-It Green Landscapes specializes in natural mountain stone retaining walls, boulder walls, large block gravity walls with geo grid systems, and small block segmented walls.  We stand behind the quality of all our retaining walls with our 5 year hardscape warranty.

“Green” Eco-Friendly Landscaping
We pride ourselves on approaching every project with a “Green” mindset.  By recommending eco-friendly options through our designs, we are able to give you the chance to explore environmentally sustainable ways to increase the curb appeal of your property. Permeable pavers, rainwater harvesting systems, rain gardens, dry creek beds, and native plantings are all eco-friendly methods implemented by Plan-It Green Landscapes.

Water Features
Water features like ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls bring any landscape to life.  The movement and sound of water flowing and cascading over stone is a great way to set a peaceful, serene mood in your outdoor space.  Plan-It Green’s stone masons have the skills and experience to construct any water feature to suit your needs.   

Custom Built Pergolas
Pergolas are a great accent to any patio, walkway, or other outdoor living area.  We do not use "kits" as commonly refered to by many companies.  All of our pergolas are custom made for each client.  Each pergola we install is designed with the CAD system.  The type of wood, size of wood, pattern, style of rafter tails, and stain can all be customized.  We also use solid wooden pine dowels in our pergolas, which is not as common in the landscape industry today.

Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting is great way to highlight and accent your new or existing landscape.  We will develop a custom lightling plan to make your property come alive at night.  Landscape Lighting will greatly increase the curb appeal and safety of your property.

Rainwater Harvesting and Reuse
By capturing rain water from your guttering system, these systems are able to store and reuse rain water for irrigation purposes.  This is a great way to “go green” and reduce your water expenses by 35 to 40%.  For more information please check out the Green Environmental Coalition.

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